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Teach Your Partner How to Date and Court You

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Dating can be challenging and you sometimes feel let down when you have put in your all but the relationship did not work out. As a woman, you must learn how to teach a man to date and court you rather than let him break you.

Do not play easy to get

Men are born natural hunters who know how to woo and get a woman to fall for them easily. However, if you are too easy to get, you will be so easy to lose out. It is okay to show a man you are interested in him but you have to allow him do some work to value you for who you really are. Do not shower him with too much attention or affection as he may lose interest and find it so unreal (leading to boredom).

Remember, relationships are a two-way street

If you find yourself making most of the phone calls and he hardly returns your calls (one call for one), you may be creating an ego boost that makes him think he is all you have. Let him do a bit of pursuing you. It is okay to call him but always wait for him to respond/return your call. Do not try to occupy his space too quickly. Give him a breather and let him appreciate the woman you are and the person he found.

Keep your emotions under control

Do not let your emotions drive your relationship. Learn to keep your emotions under control to ensure you really love him and it is not just infatuation. Do not focus so much on his looks and cuteness either. Learn to know and understand him well enough.

Be a girlfriend and not just a friend

Do not fall for his words too quickly and do not dribble over him all the time. Do not compliment him on his looks or outward appearance as he may see you as “easy to sleep with.” Give him credit for his choice of restaurants or gifts (if you happens to shower you with gifts while dating). However, do not compliment him too often as he may take you and your words for granted. Do not be too quick to tell him everything about yourself. Let him find out things on his own. Let him respect you and earn your respect for him without you drooling over him.

Do not give in to sex without his commitment

It is okay to kiss and cuddle from time to time but do not give him to sex when he is not committed to you. Do not engage in physical relationship before developing an emotional relationship to each other. Men become physically connected to a woman before they become emotionally connected. Let the values you share, your compatibility and chemistry lead to an emotional union. If you give in too quickly when all he wants is to satisfy the moment, you will allow him take advantage of him and may lose him in the process.

Do not cancel your plans to be with him

It is very much okay to spend time with your partner but you do not have to cancel your schedule to be with him. Make plans and keep a different schedule for the time you spend with each other while maintaining your own plans/schedule. If he is asking you to cancel your plans for him, he will not respect or value your time. Do not become glued to him and forget about “me” time with yourself.

The key is not to allow him manipulate you to giving in and you do not need to control or mislead him to thinking otherwise. Remain confident in/with who you are and let there be a balance between you and your emotions. The more you learn to teach him to respect and value you, the better room you leave for your relationship to last longer. Always follow your intuition and do not let anyone lead you astray with empty words not backed up with actions.

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