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What is Your Perception of Yourself?

self awareness and perception

One’s perception of oneself can significantly impact the choices and decisions you make. We may not recognize how we perceive ourselves due to our seeking for acceptance and validation from others. We may ignore the nudges from the inner voice and eventually get inundated with complaints based on those we choose to surround ourselves with.

You may have told yourself you cannot do or try something new. It maybe you think you will not be successful if you venture into it. Without trying it, you will never know what you are capable of. Why see yourself as a failure, if/when you have not tried it out?

“Failure can only occur if you do not try but trying makes you realize the opportunity you have to try again until you become better at doing it…that is what defines success!”

How many times have you given up on yourself based on what you perceive or think? What stories are you painting about your life or relationship?  Others may see and read you differently but you may be telling yourself a different story that holds you back from living in your full capacity.  If only for a moment we pause and thoroughly examine our own lives and understand how we perceive ourselves, we may learn a lot about the choices, friendships and consequences we face.

We sometimes may create illusions based on how we see ourselves but illusions are unreal and can cloud our judgement. Take a moment, pause and ask yourself, “How do I see myself?” “What can I do to improve my perception of me?” “What do I need to learn?” “How can I support my own growth?” “What support can I get to help me see myself as God created me?”

Always remember: your perception becomes your reality!

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