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How To Get Unstuck in Life

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We have all had some life and relationship experiences where we feel drained and sure sucked! You may find yourself stuck and  find it hard to get unstuck.

However, it’s part of us starting from somewhere, with something that leads to the experiences that break, shape or mold us.

You either become refined, broken, lost or bitter. The choice you have to make will lead to you become kinder to yourself or losing yourself further without recognizing how your choices are redefining your life and relationship. If you get to become more conscious of who you are or find yourself through the process, you will ask yourself the question, “What the heck was I thinking back then?” If not, you will find yourself asking the question, “Why me?”

But what happens when you can’t let go of the hurt/pain? When you’ve settled into a life or relationship that should have been abandoned long ago, but you’re holding on in fear that you won’t find anything better, that you’re not worthy of your best life or relationship God designed and declared when He created you or, worst of all, that you deserve unhappiness or believe the life you are currently living is what God meant for you to have.

The three top reasons why people are stuck are these:
1. You are too busy to focus on what you really need
Your focus is on the pain you have experienced or are currently experiencing. You are allowing the society, friends or family members make you believe that your current situation is where you need to be. You constantly feel depleted and this may lead you to becoming depressed with yourself and life as a whole. You may find yourself getting less sleep and worrying all the time. It is you spending your energy and time in the wrong places and doing the wrong things. However, you have to remember that:

“Time is life and life is time. You cannot take back the time you have lost but you can begin to change your life now that God is still granting you time.” – Kemi Sogunle

2. Fear has become a life sentence
You are allowing fear to dictate how you live your life. You are making decisions based on the fear of what others think, say or do. You are allowing fear to judge your situation and keep you in pain.

“It is easy to doubt your own ability to be great. It is easy to listen to others but not to your own inner voice. It is easy to let others lead you and please others but forget that you have your own destiny.” – Kemi Sogunle

3. You do not have a clear vision for your life
Not having a clear vision for your life, will result in you living in your own shadow, while forgetting that you are created to be the light. This is what keeps you trapped and leaves you seeking advice and direction from others than following the direction of God (no matter how fast or slow it may be).

“Your life’s vision should include that of your relationship otherwise you will find yourself constantly settling and in the wrong relationships while making the wrong decisions based on fear and illusions for your life.” – Kemi Sogunle

Stop waiting for the time to shift but start recognizing that you are the time and life you need…the light and CEO of your life!

You have everything you need to create the life that God deemed for you…He handed you the script. Stop living aimlessly and without purpose. Start living intentionally and truthfully. No one can stir your ship if you are not willing to sail it. Do not wait until you are drowned and no one can find you (the end of life).

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