02 Aug

5 Ways to Know if He is Ready to Ghost on You

Finding love as a single woman (especially after you have been divorced), requires work and patience. Meeting someone who compliments you is key to finding and keeping a healthy relationship.

As a single woman, you may meet a man who you believe ‘is the one’ but you find out that he is suddenly withdrawing and eventually ghosts on you. Ghosting is common in today’s world. Knowing when a man is ready to ghost on you, can save you some heart ache.

In this video, I share with you five tips to help you identify a partner who is ready to ghost on you and three things you can do to prevent yourself from getting hurt or broken in the relationship.

Here are five ways to know when he is ready to ghost on you:

  1. You don’t know the important people in his life
    • Parents, siblings, friends and co-workers
    • He has only introduced you to acquaintances
  2. He makes excuses for everything
    • He doesn’t like addressing issues and is too afraid to tell you the truth so he ends up lying
    • He prefers short conversations and is has suddenly become busy
  3. He is no longer making an effort like he used to
    • Shows little to no affection
    • Shows affection when he wants sex
    • Shows affection only to drag you along
  4. Never makes the attempt to call or text you first
    • Doesn’t respond back like he used to
    • Delays so that he can continue to manipulate your emotions
  5. Talks more about himself and is not interested in what is going on in your life

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