18 Aug

3 Reasons Why It’s Worth Waiting to Have Sex

Waiting may sound very challenging as a single man or woman but the benefits of waiting before having sex can help you build your relationship on a stronger foundation. Here are a few reasons why waiting pays off.

  1. Your partner will respect you more
    As a single woman, a man respects you more when he has not been into the cookie jar. He sees a woman who is special and honors her body. He can tell you are not easy to get and you are worth waiting for.
  2. You can tell if you are compatible beyond the bedroom
    Waiting allows you to weigh every area of your relationship and not focus on sexual compatibility alone. Sex can cloud your judgment and awaken your emotion but understanding your partner in terms of mental, emotional, financial or spiritual needs, you may end up with a partner who is not compatible with you.
  3. It protects you from getting hurt
    Women often think that having sex will lead to a committed relationship but this is not always the case. You will not lose your self-esteem or yourself in the process. You will not have your soul tied to someone else. Sex based on infatuation will allow you to run on your emotions and you will become addicted to it quickly.

Waiting allows you to build on the friendship and understand each other better. Having sex will not keep a man that does not want to stay or be kept. It will only lead to you getting hurt, setting expectations and losing a piece of yourself to someone who does not know your worth.

Do not expect him to take your relationship to the next level by giving up your cookie. “Love worth having is worth waiting for.” – Kemi Sogunle

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