"Being Single" - Book Review: This is a great self help book which is loaded with all kinds of help for picking out your true love. I love the 3 C's , Chemistry, Compatibility, Complement, these three explained in detailed and how we need to love ourselves, Chapter after chapter of making the right decisions to find happiness..She has many examples of people who made the wrong choices and if they thought of the right choices they would have been happier and found the right person.. This is a really nice book.
Thank you Kemi Sogunle

Gloria Brooks,

"This is an excellent program that touches on all facets of life: relationships, work, finances, relationship with God and brings them into wholeness. I’m excited about what is to come in my life. You are teaching me to change my present stage, connect with God and allow God to grace me, day by day. I highly recommend this program to everyone. It’s a shame people don’t often see why they need to work on themselves. This program will definitely change your life." - Kat (12 weeks Purposeful Relationship Mastery Program)

Kat, MD USA,

I was looking for a coach online when I came across Kemi's website. My first conversation with her resulted in my hiring her as my coach. Let me tell you, she sure is a tough coach who woke me from my slumber. She has and continue to support me to get my life and relationship back on track. Thank you, Kemi for your patience and listening ear. I'm glad to have you as my coach.

D. Thompson, Atlanta GA,

Hello Kemi:

I'm enjoying your book "Love, Sex, Lies and Reality."

Just wish I was fortunate enough to have that insight 10 years ago.It's great for young woman to have someone share and not be afraid to testify about the power of prayer and deliverance. Be encouraged, God is using you in a powerful way.

(Speaking at the East Coast ASUZA Women's Conference 2016 in Baltimore)

Theresa M,

"Kemi Sogunle, is a phenomenal virtuous woman who impacts women with her words and wisdom. Her messages are life changing."

- Church Girls Ministry, Founder Jakia Cheatham

You are such an inspiration to me. Your words speak volumes and empower me. Thank you for helping me focus.

Molly K.,

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Being Single: A State for the Fragile Heart: A Guide to Self-Love, Finding You and Purposeful Living by Kemi Sogunle is an insightful and uplifting book for all those readers who are looking to get rid of toxic relationships from their lives and lead fulfilling and enriching lives. It's a book that will take readers on a journey of self-love, redemption, healing and self-discovery. It pushes readers to step out of their comfort zones and celebrate their uniqueness. Readers get to discover themselves and lead purposeful lives after reading this book.

I found the book relatable and tangible. The author's personal experiences and stories shared in the book will help readers connect with her in a better way and make the necessary transformation in their lives. The author reiterates the power of God and tells readers that they need to connect to God to find purpose in their lives. Reading the book will take everyone on an inner journey and teach them to love themselves in spite of all their shortcomings. The author also highlights the single phases in everyone's lives, and it's only after embracing this stage that one can grow as a better human being.

The questions and answers at the end of the book help readers analyze their relationships, and motivate and inspire them to living truthfully and forming long-lasting relationships and a healthy life. The author's personal understanding of life and relationships, and connection to spirituality, will touch the hearts of readers.

Mamta Madhavan,

Coaching Client

"Wow! The feeling of release and recovery is unbelievable. It feels so weird yet so liberating. Thank you Kemi, for helping me get there." - Sarah R., Ireland

Sarah R. (Ireland),

Tolu MustaphaA Weekend of Love, Sex, Lies and Reality with Kemi Sogunle as Guest Speaker and Coach, has been extremely helpful sessions. These sessions have helped me to focus more on the vision and purpose of God in my marriage.

Tolu Mustapha, London, UK,

Joslyn WolfeHi Kemi,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for writing your book (Love, Sex, Lies and Reality) which invites others to a journey to examine interpersonal relationships, AS THEY REALLY ARE.  In this book you have afflicted the comfortable and comforted the afflicted.   Your title is truly one in  a C A T E G O R Y of its own.

Thank you again for writing your book.

J. Wolfe,

Vicky NolandThe information that Kemi gave today was a blessing because the needs of some were met.

(Kemi was the Guest Speaker at the Ladies First Round Table Discussion with Vicky Noland)

Vicky Nolad, MD,

I just had the opportunity to read Kemi’s book, “Love, Sex, Lies & Reality.” Kemi did an amazing job of tackling a subject that many shy away from. In a very gentle and loving manner, she addressed the topics of making better choices, thinking things through ahead of time, and preparing yourself to make the right decisions when certain moments arrive. This book sends an excellent message and also includes elements of faith, filled with wisdom, which is a difficult topic to pull off well. Too often people search for the wrong types of fulfillment, only to find they have been left emptier than when they started. Kemi has wonderful insights into how to have a better mindset and to develop a greater respect for who you are. Everyone is different, and everyone needs different things. This book does a great job of covering these bases in a friendly and uplifting way. Definitely recommend.

Millian Quinteros, Senior Producer and Owner, The City FM Radio, Vegas,

Love, Sex, Lies and Reality Book Review

" Very well put together, very beautiful, more grace."  - Mrs. 'Laide Bakare (wife of Pastor Tunde Bakare, Latter Rain  Assembly, Lagos, Nigeria)

Mrs. Laide Bakare, Nigeria,

"I recommend Love, Sex, Lies and Reality  as a must read for our teens. They truly need to be informed now." - Olamide Oyegoke

Olamide Oyegoke, Lagos, Nigeria,

"Kemi's book (Love, Sex, Lies and Reality) has helped me understand the relationship I have been in for over a year. It has given me insight to some feelings that have been occurring in my life and the knowledge that God is watching over me. I thank her for this wonderful gift. I will continue to follow her and draw strength from the words God shares through her." ~ Cindy M.

Cindy M., USA,

"A great book (Love, Sex, Lies and Reality). Kemi taps into human nature so accurately that the reader is left thinking wow, how does she know me so well? Her advice is presented as nuggets so that you can read it then go away and think about it without information overload. A must have read for everyone." ~ Sarah Robinson (Five Stars - Amazon UK Review)

Sarah Robinson, Amazon UK,

"This book (Love, Sex, Lies and Reality) is one which anyone with an interest in harmonious relationships and understanding how we can best interaction integrate and bond will find interesting and useful.
I have read it twice (a lot of the time on the move on a Tablet )  and despite initially feeling that it would have the 'usual" advice  of the genre, I have been pleasantly surprised that it has something for everybody.

Ms. Sogunle has a very easy to read, and digest,  writing style that is almost like your best friend talking to you but  many real practical and workable tips are  found in the book...

A nice read and one to go back to now and again. Highly recommended." ~ S. Hundeyin (Five Stars - Amazon UK Review)

S. Hundeyin, UK,

Hi Kemi,
I've been following you for a bit and love the message you share. You are doing a great work, and I just wanted to let you know it touched me. Being a positive influence is hard work.
Thanks for committing yourself to it!
Woodbury, Owner, Wallaby



Hi Kemi,

I came across one of your videos on YouTube and out of curiosity, I ordered your book - Love, Sex, Lies and Reality. I am in the middle of reading your book and having 'aha' moments. Your book is not like any other book I have read. It is not one of those books you read and throw away. It is a book for a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your gift.



Kemi has so blessed me with her words and she continues to inspire me. These words mean a lot to me and I pray God continues to bless her as she continues to inspire people like me.

C.I. (Oman),