I just had the opportunity to read Kemi’s book, “Love, Sex, Lies & Reality.” Kemi did an amazing job of tackling a subject that many shy away from. In a very gentle and loving manner, she addressed the topics of making better choices, thinking things through ahead of time, and preparing yourself to make the right decisions when certain moments arrive. This book sends an excellent message and also includes elements of faith, filled with wisdom, which is a difficult topic to pull off well. Too often people search for the wrong types of fulfillment, only to find they have been left emptier than when they started. Kemi has wonderful insights into how to have a better mindset and to develop a greater respect for who you are. Everyone is different, and everyone needs different things. This book does a great job of covering these bases in a friendly and uplifting way. Definitely recommend.

Millian Quinteros, Senior Producer and Owner, The City FM Radio, Vegas,