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Never stop loving while living...when you stop loving you stop living! - Kemi Sogunle

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Ever smiling Kemi Sogunle"I truly believe that everyone deserves to have a purposeful life, filled with love, happiness and peace. I also strongly believe that everyone deserves a loving partner who they can share life and love with, for a lifetime." - Kemi Sogunle

You have found your way to the right place (here) to receive the support you need...to begin your journey to a better you...a better life and a better relationship. As an intuitive, spiritual, personal development and relationship coach, I am devoted to supporting you to accomplish your life and relationship goals. Learn more about me and how I can support you through coaching. Take this FREE Self-Assessment to get started and receive a complimentary session with me.

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"Kemi is a very detail oriented coach, with a soft heart, and warm personality.  She can really help her clients see into themselves to find the best, and bring it forward!" - Terri Hase, MMC, PCC, BYCC, Senior Life Strategist and Mentor



As Seen/Featured

As Seen/Featured

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Beyond the Pain - A Return to Love by Kemi Sogunle

Beyond the Pain - A Return to Love

Being Single: A State for the Fragile Heart written by Kemi Sogunle

Being Single: A State for the Fragile Heart

Love, Sex, Lies and Reality

Love, Sex, Lies and Reality








  • Coaching
    Are you tired of living in circles? Do you feel stuck in an area of your life and need help with focusing and addressing the issue(s) you are facing? Trying to figure out why you  keep dating the wrong people over again and need clarity? Find out you can obtain support that will guide you through steps and action plans towards a healthier you, a life of love, transformation and purposeful living.
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  • Speaker
    Finding an engaging and inspirational speaker at your next workshop, conference or event may be a challenge. Kemi relates with her audience while creating a close and friendly environment for interaction through thought-provoking and life-transformation sessions.  She inspires others with real life conversations. Book Kemi for your next event(s).
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  • Products
    Need Self-Help Books that will help you build on yourself and become a better you? Gain a better understanding of the events that are occurring in your life and relationships. Kemi's multi-award-winning books provide you with great insights, towards a life changing experience. Order books, eBooks, apparel and audiobook.
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Life and Relationship Expert Advice Articles

  • Choices – Life and Relationship
    Everyday, we wake up, we are granted a gift to life and to make choices that can significantly change the course of our life's journey. The choices we make range from choosing what to wear, eat, go to work or not, sleep or get up and so on. Without making…
  • 5 Limited Beliefs That Prevent You From Having a Healthy Relationship
    Romantic songs and movies have contributed to the way we visualize and expect relationships to work in real life scenarios. However, these often leads to us far away from facing reality of what true love and real relationships are about. These have contributed to the divorce rate and breakups of…
  • Life from a Gaming Perspective
    Life can be viewed from a gaming perspective in terms of accomplishing goals, achieving milestones and overcoming obstacles. You can play Farmville, Candy Crush or Super Mario and learn about overcoming obstacles and turning them into stepping stones. It is how you view life from that perspective and recognize that…

What People Say About Kemi

Steven Henshaw

"Kemi is a brilliantly intuitive person that has a gift for sensing and feeling out a situation and fluidly adapting to the moment or conversation and contributing in the most creative and caring ways. I have had the pleasure of interacting with her both professionally and personally and each time has been a joy and enlightening experience. She continually meets me with jovial sayings and positive vibes which permits for the best exchanges between us.


Similar to her words, her writings are wrought with deep thought and convey her desire for her readers to ascend to hire plateaus of thinking, feeling, and self-confidence. She has a good flow and rhythm to her words that helps with the transcendence of her writings." ~ Steven Henshaw